The Melbourne Manhunt

An exploratory crusade to uncover their hiding spots!

Silk Road

This bar is for people who enjoy the finer points of wining and dining, with its high chandeliers and impressive cocktail menu, you will surely be able to find a sophisticated bachelor here. Be wary though that there is a mature crowd and you could be chatted up by a married man looking for a quick flirt. Because the space is so large, it’ll be best to sit or stand closer to the bar. The cocktail tables are ideal to sit at initially and check people out, then walk around the area and finally stand around the bar.

Conversation starter: Lie and say…“It’s my friends’ birthday today and I was thinking that it’ll be nice to have a drink with some boys”  or ask the one you fancy to help you take a photo of you and your friends, then start a short discussion around the photo, leading to where he’s from….you get the picture!

Potential to meet someone:  7/10

Age group: 28-55

Address:  425 Collins St,  Melbourne
Webpage: Silk Road

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